1. What i want to happen
  2. Why i want that to happen
  3. Benefits for you if that happens
  4. Real consequences for you if that doesn’t happen
  5. Make it clear that if that doesn’t happen, i will make sure the consequences will happen

Skills for a Data Scientist:

Knowledge: probability, statistics, calculus, linear algebra, machine learning

Skills for a Data Engineer:

Knowledge: software engineering, computer science, DevOps, probability, statistics, system design

Skills for a Machine Learning Engineer:

Knowledge: machine learning, probability, statistics, software engineering, computer science, DevOps

Part 1, we need to keep trade secrets better to work together

We agree that China needs to make sure that trade, business, customer, demographic information is protected. All the natural persons, groups, or legal persons fall under the rules. US does the same.

Tony Liu

Always try something else

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